Saturday, 1 September 2012

How To - Khloe Kardashian's Chanel Rain Nails

Best nails award of the Kardashians definitely belongs to Khloe! 

She Tweeted this fab pic of her nails with the caption "Chanel rain" a few days back, and aren't they amazing!

If you want to try this look yourself essentials are a black nail art pen (such as the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen, below), sheer top coat (OPI Nail Polish Top Coat is a classic), and lots of patience!

Make sure nails are clean and filed the way you want them - Khloe has a square-tipped manicure.

Carefully draw on your rain coloring the tip of wach nail and working down to the drips for all but the middle fingers where you want to draw your Chanel C logo just below the white top.

Once everything is completely dry, paint on your top coat for a glossy shine!

In other nail news, nail info and how-to guides for stars including Lana Del Rey, Cher Lloyd, and Beyonce have now been added to the STS site.

Pic from Twitter

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