Saturday, 29 September 2012

Get the Look - Kelly Osbourne's Black Diamond Nail Polish

Most stars co-ordinate their clutch and shoes but for Kelly Osbourne it was gown and hair at the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

Kelly matched her lilac ponytail with her Zac Posen dress and despite all that glam, nothing quite matched up to her most expensive touch: her black diamond manicure.

Kelly wore a nail polish (costing $250,000 a bottle!) containing 267-carats of black diamonds made by jewellers Azature. Lucky Ms. O didn't have to pay though, the manicure was courtesy of Azature. The only other person to have worn it is Jennifer Lopez.

A similar look for less is China Glaze's Black Diamond Nail Polish. Azature also make a cheaper version, not real diamond of course, which is $25.00.

Pics from Kelly's Twitter, and Zimbio

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