Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Coco Rocha's in Elizabeth Taylor's Givenchy Jumpsuit

While other models had custom-made and up-coming collection designs, for the 2012 MET Gala, Coco Rocha was in a vintage Givenchy - and not just any old piece (if you can say such a thing about vintage Givenchy).

Coco, attending with her husband James Conran, wore a yellow-and-pink bejewelled jumpsuit and cropped jacket combo that was once owned by Elizabeth Taylor.

Coco bought the outfit at an auction in December for about $3,250. She said:"I've always been a huge admirer of Elizabeth Taylor.  For me, it was her wardrobe that was really impressive. Here was a celebrity who, in the time before stylists and professionals picking your wardrobe, always looked amazing."

"If you look carefully, you can see the suit has this very faint red wine stain on it. After I had it cleaned I took it to show the editors at Vogue and we could still see the stain. We all agreed that since it was Liz Taylor's wine stain, it's OK to wear as is."

Adding a modern touch to the look, Coco added some matchy fuchsia extensions to her hair - strategically placed to covered said wine stain.

Accessories were satin Segio Rossi heels, and Wilfredo Rosado jewels.

Pics from Zimbio

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