Sunday, 7 August 2011

STS Needs You!

What readers and style fans think is REALLY important, so comments and views on outfits and looks featured would be really appreciated. 

According to the stats, the STS blog gets around 90,000 views per month but rarely there are comments or any feedback to go off so things can improve and get better; so, as a little incentive, there will be prizes for the best comment/commenter on the blog each week. 

Starting this coming week, the prize will be a huge bundle of celeb fragrance samples - Paris Hilton, Gwen Stefani, SJP, Kate Moss etc.

Depending on whether many people start commenting - it's a promise - the prizes will get bigger and better.

A few rules -
Please leave your name rather than "anonymous" that way it's easier to contact you if you win.
If you don't like an outfit or look, be honest, just lay off bad language or anything derogatory.
Winner will be picked next Sunday (August 14).

Hoping to read some outfit comments or reviews - the good and the bad - just keep it clean :)

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