Sunday, 27 February 2011

Vintage Oscar Gowns and Dresses

Hopefully tonight will bring lots of stunning looks (coverage tomorrow); but here's a look at some gorgeous vintage gowns from the Oscars.

Above, after her win in 1961, Sophia Loren presented Gregory Peck with his Best Actor Oscar the following year in this white fringed concoction.  Sorry there is no full-length pic, they're quite hard to find.

Audrey Hepburn in a teeny waist-showing Givenchy design along with her Roman Holiday Best Actress Oscar.

The make-up wasn't Audrey's normal choice but her stage make-up from Ondine which she had just rushed from a performance of to attend the ceremony.

Grace Kelly at the 1955 Awards, where she won for her appearance in Country Girl, and in a publicity shot in her beautiful Helen Rose dress.

Back in 1951, before curve-clinging dresses became her thing, Marilyn Monroe wore this full princessy embellished-tulle gown while presenting an award. 

Pics from - Getty, AP and Corbis

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