Saturday, 21 August 2010

Paris Hilton's New Footwear Collection Launch

Paris Hilton was at the Las Vegas Convention Centre on August 18 for the launch of the new Spring 2011 collection of her footwear range.

From the pics, it looks like the styles are pretty much the same but available in a load of fresh new colors.
For the event Paris wore the leopard print and black-bowed "Destiny" heels, and also took the opertunity to show off some of her other own-range items, including Paris Hilton sunglasses and one of her bags.

Check out the current Paris Hilton Footwear designs at - the leopard print heels she is wearing are on-line there, costing $94.99.

Pics from Getty

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biolisboa said...

Great stuff!
Rui de Castro a.k.a. O Pirata

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